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Expert advice: The Most Important Hire For CIOs

June 20, 2014: “According to the latest deep research conducted by theCDO Club, the number of Chief Digital Officers in 2013 doubled again in one year–just as it has been doing since 2005–to a total of 500. And the CDO Club is conservatively projecting that number to double again, to some 1,000 Chief Digital Officers by the end of 2014. So what is responsible for the exponential growth of this role?”

The Chief Digital Officer Takes Centre Stage

June 19, 2014: “The Chief Digital Officer Talent Map 2013 , published by CDO Club, reveals:
• In 2005 the first CDO was appointed; in 2013 there were 488 CDOs worldwide; by 2014 forecasts suggest there will be 1,000 – 1,500 CDOs worldwide, see Exhibit 2;
• Since the beginning of 2013,190 new Chief Digital Officers have been hired globally;
• More than 75 CDOs have been hired across Western and Eastern Europe;
• In Australia, 45 percent of business leaders in Australia have a CDO; and
• Out of the 36 percent of CDOs who moved on to new roles in 2013, 77 percent moved into a c-suite position, either CEO, President, MD or board director.”

The rise of the chief digital officer

June 12, 2014: “The number of CDOs doubled in 2013 to 500 and it is predicted that there will be 1,000 by the end of 2014. The CDO is becoming fundamental to business. In many cases they will take over from the traditional CMO and CTO or CIO roles, although the extent of this will depend on the size of company and requirements. It’s not about nice-to-have digital campaigns, but how the company is run, managed, directed and led.”

Rise of the Digital Banker

June 5, 2014: “These banks are part of a bigger trend in which companies in all industries (especially advertising, media and publishing) have been adopting the chief digital officer title. In 2005, there was exactly one CDO in the entire world: Jason Hirschhorn at MTV. In 2013, there were 488, according to the Chief Digital Officer Club. The group predicts that by the end of this year, there will be 1,000 CDOs worldwide.”

SURVEY: Number of Chief Digital Officers is on the rise

May 15, 2014: “Seven chief digital officers moved up the career ladder to CEO in 2013, according to the CDO Club’s 2014 Talent Map, but another data point may help explain why CDOs are experiencing a quick rise to the top: Sixty percent of CDOs in the advertising sector previously held the title of CEO, president, general manager, or managing director.”

“That’s a mindboggling figure,” CDO Club Founder and Curator David Mathison said at a recent CDO Summit. “These are people who obviously have general management skills, they’ve run companies before, and it’s very clear that the time is right for these people to step up.”

Women in IT find CDO role especially appealing

May 14, 2014: “The recent selection of Rachel S. Haot as Chief Digital Officer of the Year by the CDO Club reminded me of a recent research finding that the ranks of the CDO seem especially attractive to women. In fact, female CDOs outnumber female CIOs by two-to-one, according to Gartner.

I wrote about that trend in FierceCIO recently, noting that “women who aspire for a career in IT leadership may want to consider the role of the chief digital officer.”

Even the Chief Digital Officer Club made special note of the fact it was naming a woman to the top CDO spot this year. In an email to FierceCIO, CDO Club founder David Mathison noted that “Haot is only the second CDO–and the first female–to be awarded this recognition.”

“Despite the across-the-board presence of CDOs in numerous industries, Mathison does confirm a trend that may speak volumes about why the role attracts more women. The numbers are heavily stacked toward the industries of media, advertising and publishing–industries that have long attracted a strong female workforce.”

Europe following US as number of global CDOs doubles

May 13, 2014: “The role of chief digital officer is beginning to take off in Europe, while salaries of CDOs working outside of public sector and non-profit organisations are ranging from $250,000 to $750,000.

That is according to updated research from the CDO Club, which said that the number of worldwide CDOs in 2013 doubled to nearly 500. It forecasted “conservatively” that the number of global chief digital officers would double again to 1,000 by the end of 2014. Most chief digital officers are operating in the media, advertising and publishing industries, the study found.”

Don’t Let A Chief Digital Officer Steal The Best Part Of Your Job

The CDO role is fulfilling promise that CIOs and CTOs have often aspired to,” said Dave Mathison, organizer of the upcoming CDO Summit in NYC on 4/22-23. “While CIOs and CTOs often struggle to fit the idea of business leadership into their roles, the entire mission of a CDO is leadership. In my view, the next generation of CEOs will come from the CDO role.